Lodges that meet at The Royal Assembly Rooms


Norfolk Lodges Lodge of Friendship No. 100

Lodge of United Friends No. 313

Albert Lodge No. 4320

East Norfolk Lodge  No. 5496

St. Nicholas Lodge No. 6623

Angel Lodge No. 9040

Lion Lodge No. 9401

Morning Glory Lodge No. 9693

Suffolk Lodges St. Andrews Lodge No. 1631

St. Mary’s Lodge No. 3832

Royal Arch Chapters Friendship Chapter No. 100

Chapter of United Friends No. 313

Morning Glory Chapter No. 9693

Suffolk Chapter St. Andrews Chapter No.1631
Mark Lodges Youell Mark Lodge No. 317

Thomas Beevor Mark Lodge No. 1724

Order of the Temple And Hospital Royal Plantagenet Preceptory No. 80
Ancient and Accepted Rite The Star of the East Chapter Rose Croix No. 239

St. Fursey Chapter Rose Croix No. 852

Royal and Select Masters Herbert De Losinga No. 33
The Red Cross of Constantine Norfolk No. 323
Orders of the Secret Monitor Geoffrey Dicker Conclave No. 393